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Vardoc is a Drupal 8 distribution that extends Varbase; the powerful Drupal distribution for faster development, with editor experience in mind.

Visit for more information:

Read here about how Drupal 8's installation profile feature works:

The essence of Varbase lies within the basic concept that initiated it; DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself)Varbase handles that for you, relieving you from repeating all the modules, features, configurations that are included in every Drupal project.


The components that make up Vardoc are outlined in the Venn diagram below.


To learn more about Varbase and Vardoc, and how to extend it, visit

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Vardoc provides a great deal of functionality out of the box, which makes it possible for you to prototype your knowledge base, and try out and experiment all the available features.

However, if you need professional support for implementation, customization, training, or hosted management, please contact Vardot at

You may also contact Vardot for professional and enterprise support of Vardoc by sending an email to:

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Vardoc is Open Source

Vardoc is developed by a core team of experienced Drupal developments and is funded and supported by Vardot, a leading Drupal agency with offices in USA, Egypt, and Jordan. 

Vardoc is available as an open source and FREE software for developers and development teams to install, host and run it yourself.

Open Source software is free and promotes the collaboration and sharing of ideas. Vardoc is built on Drupal which is Open Source and is completely free. Everyone should contribute something, sometimes simply reporting and maybe fixing a minor bug can make a difference. The Drupal community and the marketplace make money supporting Drupal. If you need a feature or support you should contact the Vardoc maintainer.

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Vardoc utilizes the powerful Book feature to create hierarchical content that flows logically.

book is a set of pages tied together in a hierarchical sequence, perhaps with chapters, sections, subsections, and so on. You can use books for manuals, site resource guides, or whatever you'd like.

When a visitor to a Vardoc site is viewing a book page, they will automatically see links at the bottom for navigating from the parent-page to the first child page, and from the previous page to the next page. A link labeled Up leads back to the parent page in the book structure.

If the books on a Vardoc site are complex, you may find that you need additional navigational aids beyond the table of contents and the previous/next/up links for users to understand where they are in your book.
That's where the navigational sidebar will have a menu that shows where the user is in your book; the menu is only visible when viewing the book.

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  • Product documentation sites.
  • Agencies who want to document software.
  • Documentation for Open Source products/projects.
  • Organizations who want to document their processes.
  • Online user manuals.

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Vardoc is a knowledge base system, a wiki system, and a documentation management system designed to host massive amount of content in a structured and easy-to-find format.
Vardoc helps you build a connected organization, product, or knowledge area to allow everyone involved to find the answers they seek, and contribute their expertise in the knowledge base.

Think of it as a wiki site of your product, user manuals, or organizational processes. With easy structure, collaborative tools, and friendly design.

Built on top of Varbase, the open source Drupal 8 distribution, Vardoc provides powerful functional features such as editorial features, search function, taxonomy, user management, and customizable themes. It also delivers top-notch non-functional requirements such as enterprise security, fast performance, search engine optimization (SEO), accessibility compliance, and many more features.

Our goal is to bring ease to you when writing and creating a documentation for your product, website, departmental processes, online manuals, or your enterprise as whole.